Dolores County, CO  Clerk & Recorder's Office
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Lana Hancock, Clerk & Recorder
Dolores County, CO
PO Box 58
Dove Creek CO  81324
Phone: 970-677-2381

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Document Availability

Searchable documents exist starting in 1996.
Unofficial images are available starting in 1996.

Search Notes

All documents searchable by Reception Number.

Books 275-402 are fully searchable by Book/Page, Reception Number or name. July 1996-Present. (After book 402 we switched to Reception Number only).

Books 112-402 are searchable by Book/Page or Reception Number. August 1967-July 1996

Books 1-111 are searchable by Reception Number only. March 1881 -August 1967.

General Index Grantor and General Index Grantee are available from 1881 through 2005.

Last Perfected Document

The last perfected document (all processing completed) is:

Document Identifer 172186
Recording Date 10/6/2022 4:18:58 PM