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Account Setup Overview

To setup an account we ask you complete, sign and return a Service Agreement to our office.

Email a request for a copy of our Service Agreement to, we will email it back to you with additional information. Thank you.

Complete Service Agreement

When you receive the Service Agreement review it. If acceptable complete the blanks (highlighted in yellow and checkbox options), sign and return to our office. Scan to email is our preferred return method.

Service Agreements received by our office will be reviewed for completeness.


Prepayment is required for new accounts. The amount due depends on services requested. If the service agreement is accepted by our office an invoice for account pre-payment will be emailed back.

Account Setup

Upon receipt of pre-payment your account will be setup and tested. Information will be emailed back regarding use of the chosen plan and instructions on how to proceed.

The pre-payment will appear on your first invoice as an account credit.

Request Assistance

If you have questions or need assistance please contact our office by phone, 888.608.8565. Or send an email request to with your question(s).